Every Web Site Address Is Unique, And Can Be Very Important To Your Online Success

Your domain name is how people identify your website.  

A web address is similar to a real address because it’s a location people will seek out when looking for you.  If people do local web searches, then having your country extension (.com.au) is important to improve search results.

Each web address must be registered to ensure your ownership of the address.  We can help you to identify the best web address available and can then register them immediately to avoid missing out on the address to any other interested parties. 

Domain Name Types

International Extensions

.COM, .BIZ, .NET, .INFO, .NAME and .ORG have no restrictions; anyone can register a domain name with these extensions, regardless of their rights to that domain name. Register an international domain name for your company/business, industry sector, town name, family name or products which you sell.

We can register your domain and monitor the renewal for $34.00 per year.

Australian Extensions

COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names can only be registered by commercial entities, such as companies and businesses that have registered with the Australian Office of Fair Trading.
ORG.AU domains are reserved only for charities and non-profit organisations.
AU.COM domain names are policy free; anyone can register any domain name.

We can register your domain and monitor the renewal for $88.00 per 2 years.



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