Quick Tips So You Can Find the Most Valuable Keywords for Your Site May 03, 2011 03:54pm


Don't Guess Keywords

One of the most important things you need to do before executing an organic SEO campaign is finding info. The short sighted only look at what they want rather than the actual opportunities available.

There are a couple of tools out there that will be helpful in finding the right keywords to target in an SEO campaign. These will help to find the most valuable keywords to start the optimization process.

Tools to Build Your Keyword List

Google Insights for Search

Using Google Insights allows you to see the demand, relative to your website, of a keyword since 2004. Handy graphs help you to see up to the last 5 years, even allowing you to specify the type of search and country.There is one important factor that is typically overlooked by people, and that is the way that the data is delivered:What Google Insights does is it searches for and analyzes a portion of the Google web searches to provide a count of how many searches have been done for the search keywords/terms you've entered. These results are relative to the total number of searches done on Google over a period of time.

So, being relative to total searches, this means that as the total number of searches climbs at a rate higher than the number of searches for the particular keyword, then the graph will slope down. This doesn't mean that the keyword search volume itself declines.

Keyword Tool for Google AdWords and Traffic Estimator

Google's AdWords has provided this keyword research tool so you can start a paid search campaign but it also provides good information that can be utilized for SEO. Parameters included are global and local search volumes (local can be changed to separate countries) as well as the trend for the particular keywords it delivers. The system also makes suggestions for new keywords by suggesting other related keywords and also categorizes the keywords as well.

Many users just look at the default option which is broad match.As an example, if your ad group contained the keyword ‘fishing pole,' your ad would be eligible to appear whenever someone’s search query contained either or both words (‘fishing' and ‘pole') in any order, and possibly included with many other terms. The result would be that you are getting the volume and trending information for keyword strings that contain both words and one of the words that are reported.

Google Trends

What Google Trends does is it graphs the trend of keywords and even the websites themselves, meanwhile, allowing you to include multiple entries graphed together. This enables you to see the comparison of keywords or websites. Google Trends analyzes a portion of web searches to calculate how many searches have been placed for the terms you enter, again relative to the total number of searches done on Google over a period of time.

Search Engines

In regular search results, you can find a few of the important things that can help you find the right keywords, however, finding related keywords is sometimes easily done as a basic search in your favorite engine.Google, Bing and Yahoo all provide related searches and they will also all give you additional keywords related to your keyword of choice. Google will even offer you other topics that are different but still are relational. Building a keyword list is easier in the long run if you gather everything during your research and analyze after you have exhausted your ideas.




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