Mountain Beaches MTB Jersey

Custom designed MTB short sleeve jersey

A large, social group of MTB riding mums contacted us about creating a comfy, trail riding jersey. We gave them a few ideas and bit by bit the colours and elements came together. Finally though, one of their own members asked to provide a hand-drawn sketch as a base for the design. From that, we were able to Continue reading Mountain Beaches MTB Jersey

Abramelin MTB 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

Custom designed mtb jersey Abramelin

This job was to be a gift for a couple of friends who obviously like the music of the band pictured. This MTB jersey was a simple one for us in that the customer already had the design and artwork exactly as they wanted. All we had to do was all the colour conversions and some set-up work. From there it was just getting it to manufacturing. Continue reading Abramelin MTB 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

NTCA Trail Jersey

NTCA short sleeve custom designed mtb trail jersey

The NTCA (Northside Trail Care Alliance) is a group of volunteer trail builders that focus on maintaining and developing mountain bike trails in Northern Brisbane. As several of the members already have club and riding group cycling gear from Astro Visual, they knew the quality and value they’d get from us. What they wanted was a Continue reading NTCA Trail Jersey