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We help cycling clubs and other riding groups and organisations within Australia to get a cycling kit exactly as they desire for a price they can afford; without compromising quality!
We specialise in helping you establish your identity. We strive to supply cycling products that make you stand out from the crowd.
Our range includes various road and mountain bike jerseys, sleeves, vests, jackets, bandannas and other cycling apparel.
At under $65 (based on 20+ mtb jerseys) for full, custom designed jerseys, you get the right product at the right price.
Below you can see samples of some recent work and there's many more in our Customer Portfolio in the main menu.

Custom Orders

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Trail Jersey with pocket

For 2019, the Facebook social ride group, Newcastle MTB Riders, wanted a new jersey design. We’d designed and supplied one for 2018 so they wanted something distinctly different, but with a strong connection to the 2018 version. 

The 2018 version had a grungy feel to it so we went with a mixed clean and busy design in similar shades, but brighter. This 2019 version also has a rear zip pocket sewn in for those who like to carry stuff back there. Our intention was to not make the 2018 jersey look obsolete, but rather provide a different look and feel to appeal to anyone not loving the earlier design or maybe start a trend of collectibles for those in the group wanting a fresh, new look each year. 


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MTB Dirt Trail Network Jersey

The MTB Dirt Trail Network jersey was a joint venture of sorts between us and the Facebook page, MTB Dirt. As MTB Dirt was populated with followers from all over Australia, we decided to create a jersey for MTB Dirt that featured mtb trails, regions and/or trail networks from all over the country.

The intention was to include so many trails (almost 250) that almost everybody who rode mtb in Australia would be able to find at least one trail or trail network they ride on the jersey. We also wanted a colour choice that would appeal to both genders, and be colours not often seen on mtb jerseys. The result is this gravity 3/4 sleeve jersey with a grungy feel in bright, strong colours with trails scattered all over.

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Cheeky Shop Jerseys

Cheeky Bikes have a couple of outlets in the Hunter Valley region and already had a supplier for their road kits they were happy with. However, Cheeky Bikes had been unsatisfied with any mtb designs they had been shown. Cheeky Bikes had seen our innovative designs for others and approached us about designing a shop mtb jersey for them too. They wanted the mtb jersey to fit well with the existing, clean road design, but have a distinct mtb feel.

After some thought, we took their shop logo (which featured a road bike only) and made some adjustments to design a mountain bike silhouette and therefore a separate (though very similar) Cheeky Bikes MTB Logo. Cheeky Bikes loved the idea and we used the new mtb silhouette to create a subtle, yet noticeable mountain bike feel to the jersey.