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We help cycling clubs and other riding groups and organisations within Australia to get a cycling kit exactly as they desire for a price they can afford; without compromising quality!
We specialise in helping you establish your identity. We strive to supply cycling products that make you stand out from the crowd.
Our range includes various road and mountain bike jerseys, sleeves, vests, jackets, bandannas and other cycling apparel.
At under $65 (based on 20+ mtb jerseys) for full, custom designed jerseys, you get the right product at the right price.
Below you can see samples of some recent work and there's many more in our Customer Portfolio in the main menu.

Custom Orders

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CrampFix Cycling Kit

This cycling jersey and bib_shorts kit was designed for a customer who already had an mtb jersey created by us which he liked very much. He had seen a kit online with a gradient background and wanted his to be similar in style. From there was a matter of matching the colour gradient to suit

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Gravity 3/4 Sleeve

Down in the Narrabeen area of Sydney is a group of gravity blokes with a sense of humour. They have some quirky rules which you can see listed on the back of the jersey we designed for them. They approached us about getting some 3/4 sleeve, and apart from having a rough sketch of a

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