About Us

Then, now and into the future

With a cycling history of both road riding and mountain biking dating back to the early 1980’s, our team know what cyclist’s want in cycle gear. Having further history in custom clothing and swimsuits provides a solid knowledge of fabric quality and suitability as well.

Our highly experienced team have expertise in key areas of design, print and production, with over 50 years of combined experience.

Our product range includes not just jerseys and knicks, but also arm and leg warmers, vests, jackets, bandannas and other cycle gear as well. We are constantly reviewing our products performance and suitability to the market to ensure we are providing the highest quality and innovative products at the best prices.

What we do

We provide custom designed, high quality cycling products at prices everybody can afford and would expect to pay. You get personal service and attention to detail.

Our custom designs service specialises in cycling club/group jerseys and kits in stunning creations to suit your club or group’s identity. We’ll even create logos and identities if your club doesn’t have one.

Formerly Looney Parrot

We recently changed our brand from Looney Parrot to Astro Visual.
Our original business plan was all about providing an online stock of bright, fun cycling jerseys and only doing custom made jerseys if specifically requested to.

However, over the past few years, our ability to work with our clients and create everything from corporate through to outrageous kit designs has seen the business morph away from stock designs to almost entirely custom designs. We felt this necessitated a more serious business name and branding to reflect the high quality product and service we supply.
Astro Visual fits with our desire and drive to think outside the box.