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Shock Wiz Gravity Jerseys

Shock Wiz is a Newcastle business who came to us after their owner/manager had been impressed with other jerseys we had designed and printed after riding in those.

Shock Wiz had their logo sorted, and apart from the basic colours of red, white and black; they left the design up to us to come with.
We looked closely at the logo and decided it encompassed some interesting elements we could draw on for the design. The end result, as you can see, is a strong use of the red on black to set the overall look and feel. The white highlights help to make the actual business identity pop.

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CCMTB Club Jerseys

The Central Coast Mountain Bike Club contacted us to have club jerseys designed awhile back. A change in committee was showing some strong growth and movement within the club and they felt it was time they also had a club look and feel. The CCMTB already had a logo featuring a teal colour.
The CCMTB had a basic panel layout they wanted but no idea what elements would be in those panels on the jersey. They left that up to us.

Having ridden the trails and seen Lyrebirds and Yellow Robins on several occasions (along with other forest creatures), we proposed a rainforest feel to the jersey accented with their logo elements. The result is this asymmetrical design featuring the rainforest palm leaves and Lyrebird motive. The club is very proud of the compact patch of state forest they have their trails built in and were very pleased with the remnant rainforest being a theme for their new club jerseys.

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MTB Club 3/4 Trail Jersey

The Hunter Mountain Bike Association (HMBA) had us design an XC kit and downhill jersey in 2017 but wanted to add the ‘cool kids’ 3/4 style trail jerseys to their inventory in 2018. The photos here show the bright, distinctive HMBA design we did previously with the iconic Mt Sugarloaf towers and sunset on the shorter sleeve, relaxed fit jersey. You can’t mis the HMBA riders out there. Blending in just isn’t a thing with them, and that’s how they like it.

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Cogheads Kit

The Cogheads are a long running MTB social riding group from the Newcastle, NSW region who came to us back in early winter with an idea of what they wanted in a kit design wise. We worked with them to develop that idea and adjust their existing logos (one for the girls as well) into a bright selection of jerseys and other kit. The main parameters were the colours and vertical stripes.

Seeing as many of the Cogheads rides stat and/or end at pubs… they thought using a screenshot of part of their Strava Heatmap might be a cool idea for the back of the jerseys. And it was. But here’s where things got complex. We weren’t happy to use a screenshot though (for all the graphic design reasons), so many, many hours were put in to create a proper vector ‘heatmap’ using part of their logo to show the pub locations. The end result is a striking, true representation of their popular trail networks. The Cogheads, and Cogettes, were very happy with the new look and promptly ordered a range of products including XC jerseys (long and short sleeve), Trail/Gravity jerseys (long and short sleeve), some winter XC jerseys, vests, knicks (std and bib) and arm warmers. Out on the trails their design stands out bright and unmistakable.