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MTB Race Team Jersey

Custom Team MTB Jersey

We were given a hi-res version of their logo and simply asked by Gateshead Cycles to design an MTB jersey for their mountain bike race team in time for their first 24hr race. The only parameters given were they wanted the riders surnames on the back of the jersey. We went at this design from the angle that a) the jersey’s primary role in this case (aside from the usual things mtb jerseys need to do) was promoting the shop, and b) be easily seen and easily read at the race.

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North Brisbane Dirt Dogs MTB Club

Custom designed MTB Club Jersey

These striking long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve MTB jerseys, commonly seen on gravity, downhill and BMX tracks were designed specifically as part of a branding renovation for the North Brisbane Dirt Dogs MTB Club. Their previous logo was similar but flat in colour and their previous club jerseys were a mix of unexciting earth tones that once looked good but had now dated.

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Pace MTB 3/4 Sleeve Race Jersey

custom designed mtb trail 3/4 sleeve jersey

Tropical Townsville was the destination for these jerseys. Local appliance expert Pace Appliance Service Pty Ltd asked us to incorporate their logo and branding into a race orientated jersey for their social riding and race group up there.
We went with a clean, yet racey look and feel that used their own logo elements to create that winning look.

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XC Enduro Team Jersey Designs

Custom road mountain bike jersey

We were asked to create a cool team jersey design for four riders who race under the name Buster McThunderstick. The only parameters given were the name and they wanted a tongue in cheek, fun design. We came up with this cartoon inspired look. The bright colours helps the team see their team mates coming and gets them noticed. The cartoon figure sets the happy go lucky, poke fun at themselves attitude of the four riders.