Carousel Ponies Trail Jersey

custom design mtb mountain bike jersey shirt top astro visual

This design was for a husband and wife team who like to race cross country together under the name of Carousel Ponies. They had no logo or images, only an idea of using pink and purple or maybe blue as the colours. We wanted to start with a logo first so we could then develop the rest of the design to suit. We asked why the name of Continue reading Carousel Ponies Trail Jersey

RRR Cycling Jersey

custom designed cycling jersey astro visual

This one was an interesting project in that the intended usage was going to be more than just cycling. This group of riders also enjoy some serious rowing sculls as well. The group already had a fair idea of a design and logo they wanted, as well as some basic colours. The first job was to get their logo how they Continue reading RRR Cycling Jersey

WildHogs Trail Jerseys

custom designed mtb mountain bike trail jerseys astro visual

The Wild Hogs are a riding group from the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland who had seen our products from other customers of ours, and really liked what they saw. The guys already had a basic logo started so they sent that to us and asked if we could give the logo some Astro Visual attention. We managed to Continue reading WildHogs Trail Jerseys