Choosing a WordPress web designer

What to look for in a WordPress web designer

The Stats

WordPress, web software built by hundreds of community volunteers, to create websites and blogs, currently powers 14.7% of the top million websites in the world, up from just 8.5% last year, and the latest data shows that 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US alone is running a WordPress system. The great thing is, its FREE!

Getting WordPress To Look Professional

There are many, many people out there who can throw together a simple WordPress web site for you, and it will look like it. You’ve seen them. A site that exhibits all the usual and obvious WordPress layout and features.
However,  you’ve also seen excellent looking web sites and had no idea you were looking at a WordPress web site at all. To achieve this level of professionality in a WordPress web site you are going to need a great WordPress designer. A company with the skills in programming to go behind the user menus and manipulate the code so that real creativity and design can be realized.

“But WordPress is free and supposed to be easy to work with, so why do I need to pay a professional to make it look pretty and click a few buttons to add in new functions” I can hear you say.
I would love to say it was that simple. Once you have clicked those buttons the easy part stops there unless you don’t mind a generic looking web site. For a professional site to function efficiently, you then need to configure all the different options and make sure they work together properly, this takes time, and time is money as we all know.
Programming aWordPress website with visitor logins, forums, blogs, calendars etc, can we very time consuming without adding in a custom template and making it look unique. You need to select the right company to work with you.

Most WordPress web designers base their fees on how many pages or products your site will have, and how long they think it will them to build the website, inlcuding the various WordPress plugins you require to accomplish the functionality you need in your web site. Having a company that knows what you need, knows what WordPress features are needed, and knows how long it will take them to put your web site together, will save you money with a better result over a company that guesses.

Ask Your Prospective Designer Some Questions

Ask for a fixed cost and how many pages or products (if you have a shopping cart) that includes.
A good designer should be able to communicate effectively with you and return to you with a proposal that outlines your web site project to allow them to set a fixed price.

Find out what plugins they will install.
There are often many plugins that claim to do what your web site may require. A good WordPress designer should be able to quickly return to you with what they believe to be the best options and why.

Ask for some examples of WordPress websites they have built.
For a professional WordPress web site you don’t want a learner. Your chosen designer should be able to show you work they have done in WordPress.


At Astro Visual we have some Packages for our WordPress clients to consider.  These will help you get an idea of what a WordPress site consists of before you decide what you need.
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PLEASE NOTE: Keep in mind if you have separate types of businesses you should have separate websites for them. Don’t mash them all into One website!  It not only looks unprofessional, but it ticks off the Search Engines. Search Engines like to see your whole website about one general topic, otherwise they have no idea how to rank you for your relevant niche.