MTB Race Team Jersey

Custom Team MTB Jersey

We were given a hi-res version of their logo and simply asked by Gateshead Cycles to design an MTB jersey for their mountain bike race team in time for their first 24hr race. The only parameters given were they wanted the riders surnames on the back of the jersey. We went at this design from the angle that a) the jersey’s primary role in this case (aside from the usual things mtb jerseys need to do) was promoting the shop, and b) be easily seen and easily read at the race.
The logo got pride of place and we took the two main colours from dominant sections on the logo and created a blend of distinctive colour around a tyre tread. The shop’s location also features. Black was used to create contrast and make those bright greens and yellow stand up and pop. The end result, is a jersey that looks sharp and clean at first glance, is easily readable and will help the team members to see their approaching team mate as they finish each lap in the race.