How it works

Getting Quotes & Designs

Easy, just talk to us. Contact us and let us know your design ideas if you have any (otherwise we’ll handle that), your preferred colours, if you have a logo and the quantity you think you’ll need and we’ll get back to you with pricing. With many previous custom orders quoted at under $60 per jersey (under $150 for a cycling jersey/bib knick kit) we know our quality of product, service and pricing will impress.

No matter if you are just a group of mates who race casually together, an elite sponsored team, road or mtb club we can provide a cool custom cycling jersey/kit solution to suit your needs.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
MOQ varies depending on unit/colour/gender.
Please be aware that our minimum order quantity is 5 units for each jersey, or knick/shorts per colour/style/gender/child. Most other products are MOQ of 10 units per colour/style/gender/child.
As an example, this means 10x XC jerseys plus 10x Trail jerseys does not add up to 20 units. Pricing per qty is done separately per style (mens/unisex, women’s, kids) so 10x Unisex plus 10x Women’s plus 10x Kids doesn’t add up to 30. It would be priced at 10 jerseys each.

Step 1 – Contact and Design.
You contact us and we come up with 1 or more concepts we think will suit your needs/style. If you have a logo already then we can work from that to create a design complementary to your existing logo. If you have any specific ideas you want for your design, simply let us know. Artwork for any logos you want included need to be provided in an editable vector format (usually .ai, .pdf or .eps) or we’ll need to try to recreate the artwork if it’s in jpg, png or another non-editable file type. Artwork charges are currently included free as long as we don’t have to spend too much time recreating non editable artwork for logos.

Step 2 – Finalising Design.
We make any adjustments or redesigning necessary to please the client and provide an image and size chart(s) so the client can garnish any individual’s orders within their club/group.

Step 3 – Client Order
Client sends in order of quantities and sizes required.

Step 4a Invoice and Artwork Prep.
We begin the process of preparing the artwork and template for the manufacture of the product. We send out an invoice and sign-off sheet is also given to the client to respond to before manufacture goes ahead.

Step 4b – Colour Confirmation (optional)
If the client wishes or needs to see the colours in person prior to the order being manufactured, we offer a colour confirmation whereby a sample ‘flat print’ is created and express posted to the client for approval and return (express bag included) to us. The cost for this confirmation is $79 and adds a week or so to the overall process. See Note 2 below for more info.

Step 5 – Manufacture.
Once the client has paid the invoice (and payment have arrived in our system) and responded to the sign-off sheet, the order is sent to the manufacturer.

Step 6 – Dispatch.
After any minor adjustments required to replicate the concept as close as possible, if not perfectly, the order is produced and dispatched.

Step 7 – Delivery.
Client receives their order and is so pleased they tell and show everybody they know about Looney Parrot and look absolutely fabulous whilst doing so.

Note 1: Lead times vary depending on availability of vector logos etc, manufacture workload, complexity of design, communication and other unforeseen factors. As a rule of thumb, we shoot for around 4 – 6 weeks for delivery to client after the order is placed and paid for according to Step 5.
Note 2: Colours viewed on our monitors are likely to differ from how the colours display on the client’s monitor. A colour matched to a monitor may not appear the same on a printed, fabric garment. Fabric printing inks can vary in colour depending on fabrics and machines used for different fabrics. Even Pantone colours viewed printed on card do not accurately reproduce on fabric.
Note 3: Currently we only supply to Australian addresses.