Apex 3/4 Sleeve & XC Kit

We enjoyed this challenge from a group of MTB riders and racers sponsored primarily by Apex Financial Solutions. They came to us with a set of colours they thought could be used and some photos of their existing design. The brief was simple; come up with a new design that would stand out. We looked their old design which in our humble opinion fell well short of being easy on the eye or made the main sponsor obvious.
The blue design below was what we put forward first. It’s makes good use of the Apex logo and utilises elements from the logo in the design. The combination of blue/green/yellow background with orange, black and white created a vivid colour palette. Add in the bike rider silhouette and some grunge elements and the client was stoked! So stoked in fact, they decided to also request a pink version for the girls (and any guy tough enough) which we did in a stunning ‘out there’ pink and purple mix.
So then, for those cruising the trails around the Townsville region, you won’t miss or mistake these riders from now on!