Cape To Cape WA MTB Jerseys

Cape to Cape custom designed mtb jersey Astro Visual

We had a woman contact us earlier this year about creating 3/4 sleeve MTB jerseys for a small team of girls entering the Cape to Cape 2021 stage race in Western Australia. They had been looking at our portfolio and found a bright, style/layout they liked and they had decided on the colours they wanted as well. They had also been thinking about elements they might want included in the design. Apparently “honkey nuts”, which are gumnuts from the Marri trees common around Sth West Western Australia region the team resides in, are a feature on their rides. Another prominent feature on many rides is the huge Karri trees which are also iconic to the area. With those parameters in place, we set about designing this very bright, eye-catching jersey that mixes the elements they wanted with some floral motifs. If you don’t notice these girls coming by in the forests over there, you’re either blind, not there or asleep.