CCMTB Club Jerseys

The Central Coast Mountain Bike Club contacted us to have club jerseys designed awhile back. A change in committee was showing some strong growth and movement within the club and they felt it was time they also had a club look and feel. The CCMTB already had a logo featuring a

teal colour.
The CCMTB had a basic panel layout they wanted but no idea what elements would be in those panels on the jersey. They left that up to us.
Having ridden the trails and seen Lyrebirds and Yellow Robins on several occasions (along with other forest creatures), we proposed a rainforest feel to the jersey accented with their logo elements. The result is this asymmetrical design featuring the rainforest palm leaves and Lyrebird motive. The club is very proud of the compact patch of state forest they have their trails built in and were very pleased with the remnant rainforest being a theme for their new club jerseys.