Cheeky Shop Jerseys

Cheeky Bikes have a couple of outlets in the Hunter Valley region and already had a supplier for their road kits they were happy with. However, Cheeky Bikes had been unsatisfied with any mtb designs they had been shown.

Cheeky Bikes had seen our innovative designs for others and approached us about designing a shop mtb jersey for them too. They wanted the mtb jersey to fit well with the existing, clean road design, but have a distinct mtb feel.
After some thought, we took their shop logo (which featured a road bike only) and made some adjustments to design a mountain bike silhouette and therefore a separate (though very similar) Cheeky Bikes MTB Logo. Cheeky Bikes loved the idea and we used the new mtb silhouette to create a subtle, yet noticeable mountain bike feel to the jersey.