Cogs & Hops Wolf Pack Trail Jersey

This was an order from a small group of ‘old hacks” (as they call themselves) who had been perusing our customer portfolio and came up with a basic idea of what they wanted. They even had a logo mostly sorted out. The group wanted us to create a not too busy design which morphed somewhat as we threw ideas back and forth and the group added ideas. Even the logo got an upgrade with a few professional touches. On a humorous note, apparently these guys all each other “Captain”, so the addition of a toon pirate captain’s head had to be included. The guys also liked the idea of including a wolf or two and having a large wolf head ‘water-marked’ into the design as well. In the end, this red/grey is the design you might see out around Western Sydney and beyond. The Cogs & Hops logo stands out and catches the eye and then the design begins to reveal the other features.