Coot-tha Sistas MTB Jersey

coot-tha sistas short sleeve mtb mountain bike jersey custom design astro visual

This is another from one of our long-standing customers. Cootha-MTB is a large kid’s coaching group in Brisbane. This devoted group are supported by the devoted parents of the kids. So while the kids are being coached, and the dads are off on their rides, the mum’s decided to get together and get us to design a trail jersey for them also. Coot-tha Sistas had a logo but were unable to provide it as a vector for best printing. Although we can use such artworks, we much preferred to take the extra time and recreate the logo so it would print properly on fabric. With that sorted, we set about coming up with a design the group was happy with. Using their ideas and then applying our own free licence to come up the design you see here. As the Coot-tha MTB kid’s jerseys had several teal colours on them, we used those to help connect the mum’s jerseys to the kids. We’d done something similar for the dads so it seemed like the way forward. In the end, the mum’s settled on this full teal and black design and are now out there in Brisbane’s forests “Graced With Grit” and a beautiful Astro Visual design.