Custom T-Shirt – Sunshine Coast BMX Club

Custom design T-shirt

Our T-shirt (Polo also available) offerings come in the same high quality moisture wicking fabrics our jerseys are supplied in. These are not your average T-shirt. No blank shirt with a logo slapped on here. This is a full sublimation print on fabric before manufacture of the garment. This particular design was created as a club shirt for their volunteers from marshals through to catering staff.
Note: Sublimation printing is vastly different from the transfer style, cotton t-shirts you see for various prices in department stores etc. Instead of a single print slapped on the front of a blank shirt/jersey made in bulk, sublimation print is first printed onto the fabric and then the shirt pattern is cut out and sewn up into the product. More expensive but the result is the ability to print all of the product to create truly original pieces of art.