Dirt Girls Jerseys

The North Brisbane MTB Club have been ordering cycling kits from us for some time now. Their logo is a big, angry dog, hence their ‘Dirt Dogs’ moniker. But lately, the girls in the club have wanted their own identity… and they wanted it pink! And they wanted us to  find a way to feminize the current design. With a very strong pink stipulated by the girls for the dog, we set about turning the unisex version into a ‘Dirt Girls’ version. One of the first things we did was take the dog and give it some girly stuff. Namely, eye lashes and turn it from brown to that strong, bright pink. We removed a few facial marks to smoothen her out a bit and wallah! A female dog face. We stuck to the original version for overall design but changed up the colours and now, in and around the northern Brisbane trails, you’ll be seeing some ladies with both gravity/trail and also xc/road jerseys. You won’t miss them!