FCK Cancer Jerseys

Breast cancer is all too prevalent among women (and some men) and can be an extremely invasive and embarrassing situation to cope with. One such sufferer of this terrible disease is a young woman named Sarahann. As her friends and family rallied around her during this time, a plan was hatched.

Sarahann and her support group wanted a jersey created to give a virtual finger to cancer. The jersey was to be a symbol of her defiance against the disease and her strength of character for the fight ahead.
Sarahann wanted boobs. Not just real ones like most women, but she wanted boobs on the jerseys. Lots of boobs. She also wanted F*ck Cancer to headline the design. And pink, bright pink please.
As you can see, the result is a fluro pink jersey with a repeating boob pattern. The strong message of defiance features strongly on both styles of jersey. The jerseys certainly get plenty of positive remarks whenever they are worn by male and female riders.