Gibb Challenge MTB Jersey

gibb river challenge mtb jersey custom design astro visual

The mighty Gibb River Road, in particular, the famous Pentecost River crossing feature on this design we did for a race team who headed up from Perth this year to race this crazy 6-day race in outback Western Australia. The team’s organiser/leader contacted us to create a striking design for this charity event. Team ‘Gibbing Back’ had the major sponsor of Automasters and a few smaller sponsors but little idea of what they wanted in the jersey design itself. We helped them out by designing a couple of their logos for the start-up business sponsors and then set about bringing a piece of the Gibb River Road into life on the jersey. The Pentecost River crossing is renowned by travellers as an iconic part of any journey in that region and the resident crocodiles add to the larger-than-life reputation this crossing has. We designed the recognisable escarpment silhouette with sunset and laid out the crossing with a crocodile skin water pattern in front. Crocs and outback ranges combine to give this jersey a real character. The team weren’t hard to spot out there and now have a badge of honour to wear around their local trails.