Old Farts E-Team Jersey

Old Farts MTB E-Team long sleeve custom designed jersey

The Old Farts E-Team are a bunch of fellas riding MTB eBikes from the Sydney region who wanted their own custom designed team jersey. After having a looking through our Customer Portfolio, they were seriously drawn to a previous design we had done for the Nth Brisbane MTB Club several years ago. In fact, they asked if we could pretty much use that same design for them. We contacted the club in question (who are currently still our customers) and relayed the request. The approval was given as long as the club’s logo wasn’t used and the design had several differences. We showed them the concept and got final approval from the Nth Brisbane MTB Club <thanks guys>. The Old Farts didn’t have a logo of any sort but were keen for us create something.

We worked with the Old Farts representative, making adjustments and adding various elements until we had a logo and jersey design they liked. The image above is the final product. You won’t miss these guys when you see and hear whirring by in the forest!