St Helens Trails MTB Jerseys

St Helens Trails MTB Shred Map Jerseys

Many months ago we were approached by Shred Map Jerseys, a new business based in Tasmania that wanted to use us to produce their product line of Tasmanian trail network jerseys. Shred Map Jerseys have been stoically liaising with local councils to gain permissions to use official logos and elements associated with each trail network they are targeting. More than that, they are providing sponsorships that go back into maintaining the trails. Shred Map Jerseys come up with the initial designs and then work with us to produce the final layout and we do any artwork adjustments they require. This jersey, the St Helens Trail Map jersey is the first of their products to hit the shelves and can be purchased directly from Shred Map Jerseys if you’d like one. The colours represent that amazing orange lichen of the Bay of Fires and rainforests and the jersey not only features the main trail network but also the Blue Tier Mountains to Sea trail as well. Very cool. Is Blue Derby coming too? Yes, how could it not? And several more are already in progress.