Tasmania MTB Tour Gravity Trail Jersey

custom designed 3/4 sleeve gravity jersey shirt astro visual

Tasmania MTB Tours is exactly what it sounds like; a business with several tour guides who can help you find your way to cool riding around Tasmania. They had seen our products and style elsewhere, so contacted us very keen to have us take their vision and run with it. Tasmania MTB Tours already had a logo and an idea of the colours they wanted, and the placement of some elements. Exactly what to do with the colours, and how to create some background interest in the jersey was left up to us. With a few emails back and forth we soon knew what they liked about our previous work for other customers, so we set about extracting elements, adding elements and blending it all together to create this gradient-based design that takes blues and makes them pop! So, if you are in Tasmania and maybe doing a tour for Bay of Fires or shuttles at Blue Derby, check out what your tour guide is wearing. It may just be this vivid jersey.