The Bunya Bogey Man

bunya bogey man mtb trail jersey looney parrot

The Bunya Sunday Arvo Cruise (BSAC) crew are one of those friendly groups of dedicated riders who get together every weekend, virtually without fail to simply cruise around their local trails. This group is from the north side of Brisbane and, after a few years of intermittent get togethers on Sunday arvo’s, finally made it a permanent and consistent ‘thing’ back in 2007.
Back around that time, in the forest of Bunyaville and surrounds, a legend was born. You’d be out in the forest, JRA (Just Riding Along) when, out of nowhere, a ghoulish figure would descend on you at the speed of ghost! Your first realisation you weren’t alone anymore would be an all mighty, guttural scream as a skull faced figure (often behind a bandanna) on a mountain bike flashed by and disappeared up the trail. It might be months before he was seen again, but the sightings continued and endear to this very day. The Bunya Bogey Man was real.
So, now in 2017, the 10 year anniversary of the formalisation of their group, the BSAC contacted us and asked us to design a jersey for them. They had already immortalised the Bunya Bogey Man in a crude logo but had no idea of what design they really wanted. Being that we ourselves were once Bunyaville forest locals, and had been demonised by the Bunya Bogey Man on occasion, AND, we were ex-BSAC riders also, we knew what needed to be done.
The first job was taking the logo and making it more “MTB” as it was more city cruiser. We gave it a decent mtb helmet and mtb bikes along with a ‘rocky’ style font. Next job was incorporate the updated logo elements into the jersey design while also highlighting the group was super friendly and open to new riders tagging along. The result is as you see it in the pics and the group ordered both MTB trail and XC style jerseys. The Bunya Bogey Man will get a surprise when he materialises behind one of these BSAC riders and sees his own hideous image staring back at him!