WildHogs Trail Jerseys

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The Wild Hogs are a riding group from the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland who had seen our products from other customers of ours, and really liked what they saw. The guys already had a basic logo started so they sent that to us and asked if we could give the logo some Astro Visual attention. We managed to garnish a little info from the Wild Hogs to help us formulate a plan. Turns out, the group’s drink of choice is Captain Morgan rum. So then, we had a good long look at a bottle of said rum and came up with a colour scheme and font choices to create a design that had the feel of the rum bottle design, without going all crazy and trying to make the jerseys actually look like an actual Captain Morgan bottle. The end result is this warm, unique colour palette, with a hint of pirate in the fonts, punctuated with the wild boar logo we managed to professionalise and give life to.