XC Long and Short COC Race Jersey

Let There Be Dirt! No, they aren’t a cult, but after a joke name was given to them, this large bunch of riding buddies decided to adopt the name. The Church of Cyclotology was born.
The group came to us with their logo ready and asked for both short and long sleeve designs for XC jerseys.
Intended use, everything from casual riding through to the Mont 24 hr race, which was approaching quickly at the time. We couldn’t promise having the jerseys ready for the race but we promised to give it a red hot go. Within a day of contact, the “Church” (MTB is their religion) had a design concept from us. We went an Easter type theme with the only cross being their logo and a big mtb tyre framing a sunset. The photos don’t quite show off the striking blue sleeves but the flash of sunset colours and almost iridescent blue, make them look both smart and stand out.
Happily also, the jerseys arrived 2 days before the road trip to the Mont 24 began.