Product Care

Fabric Deterioration

Sweat is toxic. On some individuals it’s more, on others it’s less. The phenomenon occurs because of bacterial attack.
In order to minimize this problem, we recommend you wash the garment after each ride.
Never store the garment moist or in a closed environment like a plastic bag.
Do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight.
Do not use bleachers and/or softeners. Use a mild liquid detergent only.
Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry.

Fabric pilling does not occur by itself. It always is the result of abrasion.
Water hydration packs often have velcro on the straps which are one of the biggest culprits of abrasion marks and pilling on cycling jerseys.

Make sure the Velcro fastener of the saddle bags does not touch the product.
Do not wash together with gloves, bags, rain jackets, etc. because of the Velcro straps.