Arm Sleeves

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Product Description

Codes: ASL, ASW

Arm sleeve (warmers) available in summer and winter versions.

Product Features


Product Details

Below are specific details of various elements pertaining to this product.

Top Gripper

gripper strip arm sleevesOur arm sleeves all have a 2.5cm top silicon gripper to hold the garment in position and resist downward creep.

Blind Stitching

blind stitching gravity trail jersey

Blind stitching means the stitching itself is not visible from the outside of the garment. Only a fine seam is seen.
We utilise blind stitching where possible to shield the stitching from the environment and create less disruption to the custom design.

Summer Fabric

summer arm sleevesOur summer sleeves utilise a stretch polyester lycra with no fleece lining to give enough warmth in cool conditions but still be comfortable in warm conditions also.

Winter Fabric

winter slight fleece arm sleevesOur winter fabric for arm sleeves retains good stretch properties and has a slight fleece lining to provide warmth in colder conditions.

UV Stability

high density
Being that Australia has such high instances of skin cancer, all our fabrics need to be UV stable and provide excellent sun protection.

High Density

high density arm sleevesFor best performance and compression, we choose high-density lycra for our arm sleeves.