Custom MTB Jerseys

We can create a custom-designed product for you with the following features

Product Description

Codes: MJS, MJ3Q, MJL

Jerseys are available in SHORT, 3/4 (pictured below) and LONG sleeve in a relaxed cut.

Custom MTB Jersey Product Features


Product Details

Below are specific details of various Custom MTB Jersey elements pertaining to this product.

V-Neck Collar

mtb gravity trail downhill jersey custom designThe v-neck collar gives an aggressive look and aids in freedom of movement as you charge down the downhill track or take those drops on the all-mountain trail.

Breathable Panels

mtb trail gravity jersey side panelOur custom MTB jerseys incorporate side panels in a light, highly breathable fabric to help in cooling and air circulation.

Moisture-wicking  Fabric

The term ‘moisture-wicking’ is an industry term to describe fabrics that facilitate the rapid evaporation of moisture such as sweat. Our MTB gravity/trail jerseys use a light, moisture-wicking fabric.

Relaxed Fit

mtb relaxed fit trail gravity jersey‘Relaxed fit’ is a reference to the pattern (cut) of the product. It also refers to a relaxed, comfortable fitting garment as opposed to ‘club cut’ or ‘race fit’ which are much more closer-fitting garments and because our custom MTB jerseys allow for the wearing of body protection and the rider’s body weight and shape to vary before requiring the purchase of a different sized garment.

Blind Stitching

blind stitching gravity trail jerseyBlind stitching means the stitching itself is not visible from the outside of the garment. Only a fine seam is seen.
We utilise this where possible to shield the stitching from the environment and create less disruption to the custom design.

Rear Zipper Pocket

rear pocket mtb gravity trail jerseyIncluded is an internal zipper pocket that is sewn into the lower back panel.  Need to take car keys (with smart-key fob), cash, phone or even some spares and food with you? The pocket is easily large enough to hold them.