Cycling Jersey Race Cut

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Product Description

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Cycling jersey available in pro-level Italian fabrics in a form-fitting race cut.

Product Features


Product Details

Below are specific details of various elements pertaining to this product.

Race Fit

race fit pro racing cycling jersey custom designed‘Race fit’ is a reference to the pattern (cut) of the product. Race fit refers to the contour/snug, form-fitting comfort provided by this jersey. Race fit garments are designed to be lightweight, highly breathable and aerodynamic to help you slip through the air at speed.

Italian Fabric

italian quality fabric pro race cycling jersey custom designedOur race cycling jerseys feature professional level, Italian moisture-wicking fabrics. The term ‘moisture-wicking’ is an industry term to describe fabrics that facilitate the rapid evaporation of moisture such as sweat. This highly technical stretch fabric has a gradient knit structure which promotes airflow and heat convection to keep you cool in the heat. Soft and highly breathable for comfort and performance, this fabric is treated with antibacterial to stay fresher for longer and retains significant UV stability.

Full Front Zipper

pro race cycling jersey custom designed full zipperOur YKK front zipper, with auto-lock slider, is robust and allows the rider to completely open the jersey for easy access or for extra cooling on those hot summer days.

Silicon Waist Gripper

silicon wait gripper cycling pro race cycling jerseyOur race cycling jerseys have an elasticated band with a silicon gripper strip on a drop lower hem to aid in keeping the jersey in place during riding.

Rear Pockets

angualr rear pockets pro race cycling jerseyOur race cycling jerseys have 3x open, double-stitched, rear pockets with elasticated and hemmed openings in an easy to reach, angular configuration.

Wide Sleeve Band

wide sleeve band pro race cycling jerseyInstead of the usual hems, our race cycling jerseys sport a wide sleeve band. This adds to the sleek look and feel of the jersey.

Reflective Hip Strips

reflective hip strip pro race cycling jerseySewn on the rear of each hip by the outer pockets, is a highly reflective strip for low light or night races.

Blind Stitching

blind stitching pro race cycling jerseyBlind stitching means the stitching itself is not visible from the outside of the garment. Only a fine seam is seen.
We utilize blind stitching where possible to shield the stitching from the environment and create less disruption to the aerodynamics or custom design.