Lycra Shorts (knicks) RACE

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Product Description

Code: LSBR

Lycra shorts race style are available in bib_shorts only.

Product Features


Product Details

Below are specific details of various elements pertaining to this product.

Italian Pad

bib shorts italian race padsOur race-style lycra bib_shorts use a pro-level, dual-density, 3D contoured, anti-bacterial, Italian pad with excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Dense Knit Lycra

High quality, high stretch, dense knit lycra aid in muscle compression and form fit. With the correct lycra chosen for each panel, the direction of stretch is tailored for the best support. UV50+.


The multi-panel design is utilised to give the garment excellent body sculpture and fit.

Flat Leg Gripper

Our lycra shorts and bib_shorts utilise a 5cm wide silicon leg gripper for comfort, aerodynamics and excellent adhesion to hold  the garment in place.

Breathable Mesh Bib

The bib_shorts have a mesh, stretch bib with wide, soft elasticated from straps providing both excellent support and a large range of rider height without sacrificing comfort.

Combination Stitching

Our lycra shorts use a combination of blind stitching and 5 thread flat-lock stitching. Blind stitching means the stitching itself is not visible from the outside of the garment. Only a fine seam is seen. Although we need to utilise flat-lock stitching on many panels of the lycra shorts, we use blind stitching where necessary to avoid unnecessary interruption to the printed design.

Race Fit

‘Race fit’ is a reference to the pattern (cut) and the quality of the product. Race fit here refers to a snug, form-fitting garment that exhibits great sculpturing. The fabrics used are high density, pro-level, Italian lycra.