Windproof Vest

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Product Description

Codes: WPV

Windproof vests utilize a combination of fabrics for excellent wind and light weight properties.

Product Features


Product Details

Below are specific details of various elements pertaining to this product.

Windproof Front

The front panel, collar and rear pockets on our windproof vests utilize a tight weave fabric with zero elasticity and excellent wind resistance to help keep out those cold winds.

Rolls Up

Our windproof vest rolls up into its own pocket! The supple rear panel fabric used for the rear pockets allows us to incorporate an elastic cord to enable you to roll the vest up into a neat little pouch.

Rear Pockets

Our windproof vests come with 3x open, double-stitched, rear pockets with hemmed openings.

Full Front Zipper

Our two-way front zipper is robust and allows the rider to completely open the vest for easy access or for extra cooling on those days that are cool but not so cool that you don’t warm up when stopped or on long climbs.

Silicon Waist Gripper

The lower hem of our windproof vest has a 2cm elasticated band with a silicon gripper strip to aid in keeping the vest in place during riding.

Mesh Rear

The rear panel on our windproof vest utilizes a soft, highly breathable jacquard mesh to produce a very supple fabric with excellent airflow. The combination creates a very light garment.


High Collar

The vest features a high collar to help keep that cold wind and rain off your neck.