Web Design Methodology Importance

Structured Procedures For Great Web Sites

Having a structured method and set procedure for the entire project of liasing, designing and delivering a website to our clients is something we have refined over many years. The result is a methodology that not only ensures maximum efficiency of time, but also helps both us and our client to understand what is expected and when.


Initial Consultation Questionnaire Questionnaire filled out with client
Meeting Meeting to understand & discuss outcomes
Proposal Quote Web strategy and Web site quote
Web Strategy Web strategy plan Develop a web strategy plan
Competitor review Reviewing competitor & industry related web sites
Keyword analytics Review current site, analysis keyword phases
Web strategy report Send report on web strategy and keyword analysis
Content Copywritting Written copy ( words) for you web site
SEO Written SEO friendly page titles and  descriptions
Design Layout Designing the layout of your site focusing on usability
Visual concept Designing the visual concept
Development Develop Developing the project into a BETA (test) version
BETA launch Uploaded BETA version for client feedback and approval
Deploy Live Host setup Web hosting is setup
Install, test, train & document Install and test the web site and then train you how to use it
Launch Launch your project
Online Marketing Keyword marketing PR marketing via different options, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimisation, Social media Marketing and blog strategy and articles
Updates & Support Regular updates Making regular updates
Email support Email support via central email support system
Phone support Phone support during business hours

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