About Us

Our Story

Astro Visual are Social Media and SEO consultants, doing what we love to do;  Marketing your website to give you extraordinary results.

As a wife and husband team working side by side, we aspire to design a lifestyle for not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. Our goal is to create work that is functional and inspirational.

From tailored web strategies and marketing Astro visual can and will excite you while exceeding your expectations. We serve our clients as a trusted business partner, providing them with loyalty, integrity and establishing a successful relationship.

Why Us

  • Other SEO companies take your money each month with very little information about what they are doing and no plan. At Astro Visual we make sure you have a clear picture of how we will grow your rankings and website traffic.
  • No, there are no contracts at Astro Visual, you can upgrade/downgrade or cancel your package at anytime. Providing you with complete control of your finances.
  • Astro Visual has been involved in the Web, SEO and marketing industry since 1998. Our focus shifted to solely Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing in the last 3 years.  With more than a decade of experience and constant education to keep abreast of the fluid and dynamic nature of the internet, we know where our future lays.


Helping you get in front of customers.

Astro Visual’s mission is to provide results based services, to business of all sizes and to give them ability to build and enhance their internet market presence.

  • Our services can help get your company’s website high in SERP
  • Help get in front of prospective customers.
  • Improve the way you communicate with them.

Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly into your current online marketing strategies and to grow with your business in intention to becomes more successful.